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The discussion on which country is the best place to live in is senseless. All the countries have something special, what makes them great in some aspect. Let’s try to find out what are the advantages of Canada.

1) Canada is one of the few countries which don’t make it difficult to receive citizenship for people without relatives who have already received it. For example, in the USA if you don't have relatives who have already received citizenship, you can become citizen only if you proved your status of a refugee. Canadian government supports the “independent immigrants” who have professional skills requierd for the labor market and who is ready to work in Canada. The immigrant with a successful business experience can fall under the category “investor”, if he or she is going to start business in Canada, and take part in the country economical development.

2) After three years of living in Canada as a constant habitant, an immigrant becomes a citizen. In the USA it will happen only after five years, and in many European countries – after eight years.

3) Unlike many other counties, Canada accepts dual citizenship. It means that an immigrant is not ought to renounce the citizenship of his or her country if this country gives an opportunity to have dual citizenship. Having a Canadian passport after three years of living in Canada and having saved the first passport, a person can come to and leave his or her motherland without visa just with a simple ticket.

4) The Canadian passport is a guarantee of a free entrance to the countries which have the visa-free entry treaty with Canada.

5) According to the statistics, Canada is one of the most economically developed countries of the world.

6) Canada has a sound social security system. All the inhabitants of Canada get absolutely free education and medical aid; all the retired and incapacitated people have good pensions and privileges. Besides, there is a state system that helps people who are temporarily in difficult situation (for example, have lost their jobs).

7) Canada has one of the lowest crime rates. It is a result not only of the actions of well-equipped, well-educated and responsive police, but also of the high culture level in general.

8) Canadian ecological situation can serve an example for all the other countries. The state and people are concerned with environmental problems. Even in large metropolitan areas you can meet squirrels and racoons, which are absolutely not constrained by human presence. On the sides of country roads you can see walking deers, elks, foxes, and other forest dwellers.

9) Canada is one of those countries where it is okay to be an immigrant. First, there are many immigrants and their descendants among the Canadians. Second, the immigration policy allows most of the immigrants to have a good education and professional skills. So, these immigrants work in Canada and bring benefits to the country. The Canadians are very friendly and tolerant. Moreover they consider their multinational culture to be one of the nation's treasures.