Adaptation in Canada
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When someone changes the place of residence and moves to another city they can feel uncomfortable because of the new environment. Moving to another country is even more stressful.

When you get down the stairs of the plane, you immerse yourself into absolutely different surroundings with other language, other mores, other rites and traditions. The period of time when these new surroundings become comfortable is called "adaptation".

The adaptation process is different for everyone. Some people can not get used to a country even after several years of living there and flnally deicde to come back to thier motherland. Other people, on the contrary, adapt quickly and feel home after just few days.

During the adaptation period It is very important to feel that you are not alone in this absolutely strange country. Today, when many countries have opened their borders, the immigration became not such a difficult thing and it is quite easy to find people who can help you in any complicated situation.

We are ready to help you make a plan of the future actions, find a job, a housing, a school or university. We also can offer many other services.