Adaptation in Canada
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Adaptation services

You definitely have many questions before coming to Canada.

We help people to get used to the Canadian life. We coordinate our clients, help them in search for a residence, for a job, for a school; we provide our clients with the necessary transportation, accompany them in different institutions; we help them file all the required documents and finish all the urgent matters.

Our specialists have collected a useful database, which allows us to provide you with all the information, to answer all your questions and to help you to make right and reasonable decisions.

Our services:

Searching and booking the housing;

Meeting at the airport and providing you with the temporary housing;

Information on urgent matters;

Search of a residence;

Getting 3-months medical insurance for all the family members;

Obtaining a public health insurance (OHIP - Ontario Health Insurance Program);

Getting the registration number in the Service of the National Insurance (SIN);

Obtaining the state allowance for children (Child Benefit);

Opening a bank account, getting credit cards and making money transfers;

Enrollment of the children to school, kindergarten, sports club, library etc.;

Search for the English language courses;

Getting a driver's license;

Registration in the CAA office (Canadian Automobile Association);

Information and help in search, buying and taking out the insurance on your own housing;

Information and help in taking out insurance on life and property;

Information and help in job search and employment;

Help in making a CV;

Help in the confirmation of diploma;

Translation and notarization of documents;

Information about government agencies and employment centers;

Information about starting a business in Canada, registration of business.

We are able to help you more if you address us in 2-3 months before you arrival to Canada. It will allow us to be ready to your arrival and to help you in a very short term.


Approximate joint action plan

Meeting: we meet you at the airport and from this very moment we help you to resolve all the issues of every-day life in Canada. We will provide you with transportation and arrange a temporary accommodation in an apartment or a private guesthouse. There are different housing prices so it's better to address us in advance and define the most comfortable option for you.

Information: We will give you all the necessary information and make a joint action plan paying attention to the most urgent matters. We'll tell you about the district where you'll live, give you the map of the city, and explain how to use the transport. We will also help you file all the necessary documents.

Doctor: We will help you find a family doctor, a dentist, a pediatrician who can speak your language. We will inform you about the specifics of the medical services in Ontario, about free and paid medical services and about the medical insurance.

Bank: We will open all the necessary accounts with you, we will help you get credit cards (Visa, Master Card, American Express). If needed, our company can open your account before your arrival.

School: We will file with you all the necessary documents for your children to enter the school or university, to enroll a library, sport club etc.

A residence search: This issue is processed together with the school search in order for you to be satisfied with both of them. We will show you districts, will tell about their advantages and disadvantages and about prices in these districts. We will also consult you on the system of renting and buying accommodations in Canada.

Buying accommodations: If you decided to buy accommodations, we will help you save your money.

English language courses: IF you need to study the English language we will provide you with the information concerning free and paid courses and their location; also we will find schools in your district and will help you enroll at the school you have chosen.

Driver’s license: If you have a driver’s license from your country, you can use it during only 60 days after the arrival. To get a Canadian driver’s license you need to pass two exams – theoretical and practical. You need to prepare for these exams, so we will give you the texts of the traffic rules and regulations in your language, find an instructor who speaks your language. We will also give you all the information – where and how to pass an exam and to get a license.

Insurance: the insurance is a part of life in Canada. The car insurance is obligatory. We will recommend you the best specialists of all kinds of the insurance who will explain you all the unclear aspects and how to file all the required insurance documants.


Job search

We will help you find a job in Canada. We will also consult you about the most effective methods of job search and getting a good position based on your profession.

We will consult you on how to write a CV, advise how to find employers, how to behave during the job interview and to answer the questions correctly.

We will also consult you on where you can find a job based on your profession and skills.

We can connect you with our other clients who have already found a job in your field. They are often willing to help the newcomers.

Moreover, we will provide you with the information about state agencies and centers which help to find a job.

If you are ready to work not in your professional field at the start of your Canadian life, we will offer you a list of different positions with good salary.


Opening your own business – is a very important thing, requiring serious preparations. Our goal is to tell you what to do before investing your money in some business and to help you find all the necessary information. Also we will help you register your business – it is quite an easy task in Canada.

You can get more details if you address our office. All the consultations are free. You need to pay a very little amount of money only if you need a representative and a transport to accompany you.

The most important point you should remember is that we will do all the necessary work. We want you to be satisfied with our services and we would like to be recommended to your friends who are going to immigrate in Canada.