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Currently, Canada welcomes more than 200 thousand people per year. It makes this country one of the most accessible to immigration.

The Canadian government developes a vast amount of immigration programs. The "Independent immigrants" program is designed for people who have an in-demand profession and skills, and who wish to apply their knowledge to the Canadian economy. The "Business" program makes it easier to immigrate for those who have experience in business, and who intends to start business in Canada. To become an immigrant one should satisfy the following minimum requirements:

- Basic knowledge of English and/or French (the two official languages of Canada) – which is determined by the results of passing the language test.
- Good health and ability to work – you need to pass the medical examination.
- Money "for the short haul" – it can be confirmed by your bank account statement.
- Lack of current criminal record – you will need the paper from the police
- An in-demand profession and experience in it – it can be confirmed by your employment history.

The point-based system is used to make a decision on the immigration. The points are calculated as a sum of the indicators (how good your profession is, how well you know languages, etc.). The maximum is 100 points. This is the "ideal immigrant", who knows perfectly both languages, has more than five years of experience, etc.

The passing score today is 67. Do not think that this system aims to "weed out the undesirables." If someone does not get enough points when they come to the country, it means they can not get a job, find housing or even speak. As a result, people will use the money of the state, and upon returning home, say the least, they will not be satisfied with their experience of life in Canada.

That is the reason why the future immigrant should carefully learn the causes of failure (especially since they are not hidden). With this knowlege the immigrant can work on the weak points, and try to pass the test once again.

There are diverse immigration programs and minimum requirements for the different categories of people. If you are serious about immigrating to Canada, it is necessary to contact one of our partners for individual consultation on all issues.