Adaptation in Canada
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If you are serious about the immigration to Canada, here is to-do list :

1) Call our office in Vladivostok. Discuss your requests with a manager who will make a preliminary program.

It is important to decide what you will need in Canada; to define the district (city, downtown, suburb), a type of housing (apartment, house or hotel) for the first weeks and for a long time.

You should pay attention to the fact that you can book a hotel room any time, but to rent a housing you should pay in advance and specify date of your arrival.

Also you should study list of our services and think which of them will be useful for you.

2) Pay 50% of the cost. You can pay by any way you prefer. You can see the details here.

3) You should tell us your flight number and date of arrival in advance. Our specialists will meet after you pass through immigration control at Canadian airport. We will give you the phone number of our Canadian office so you can use it in case of unforeseen circumstances.

4) You will be transported to your hotel or in the housing you rent.

5) We will discuss your schedule for two-three days – during these days you will need to file the necessary documents and to deal with all the other urgent issues.

6) We will consult and provide you with all the necessary phone numbers to settle all the questions which are not discussed before. All the important issues will be resolved in a week. Further consultations, if you need them, are available by the phone.